No sugarcoating!


Well what can I say about myself? Let’s start off by answering the most cliché question ever… what’s your sign? Aries. I’m an aries. If any of you have any arien friends or are a fellow aries yourself, I sympathise. We’re passionate. Extremely passionate. From extreme anger to the deepest love, we feel it all… intensely! This means I can be stubborn, quick-witted and hot-tempered, but I’m also very empathetic, generous and loving.

I love being in nature. I grew up in the suburbs where greenery was ever present all around us and we would spend our summer vacations up at our campground. I moved to the city when I started college. I wanted to cut back on transit time to and from school and work. I hated it. Everytime I looked out the window, I would see the dull grey of the concrete sidewalks and roads as well as the next door building’s brick wall. I eventually moved back to the suburbs when my long time boyfriend (who I will call hubby) and I bought a house.

I’m a sun bug. I hate the cold winter and freezing snow. My body cannot tolerate it. Summer is my jam! In the summer I love to do yoga on my balcony and feel the summer breeze on my face while my dogs are either chasing eachother in the backyard or lazily basking in the sun and my cat curiously observes the birds snacking away at the birdfeeder I left for them in the tree. Though sometimes, I do have to fight for my mat because kitty finds it extremely appealing for some reason. However, we do share the mat in Savasana. I also look forward to taking one of my vacation weeks off from work in the summer because, let’s face it, who would want to work when outside is bright, beautiful and bursting with life?! During that time, hubby and I like to go camping. Good Ol’ Fashion tent camping. We pack the SUV, shove the dogs in the trunk and hit the road. We usually find a campground near a mountain so we spend our days hiking on some trails. We fell in love with the Adirondacks.

Then, for my other week off, we take a trip down South during rainy season. The prices are alot cheaper and it barely ever rains anyways. When we return from our fun in the sun, the leaves on the trees have usually started changing color announcing the beautiful fall season fast approaching. There’s something magical about hiking in the fall. The crisp leaves that crunch under your feet with every step and the view from the top of the mountain… a beautiful color gradation that adorns the mountain ranging from green to yellow to orange and even red.

Nature is beautiful 🙂

I love spending time with my family and friends. This is something that’s very important to me. It’s important to cultivate healthy relationships and encourange one another in every aspects of life. With two jobs, 6 pets and a house, I have a very packed schedule. Regardless, I always find the time to see family.