Merriam Webster defines ambience as a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing. It’s the symbiosis of the five senses beautifully coexisting that creates this particular feeling or mood. Take my trip to the Dominican Republic for example. Now, before I start detailing how amazing it was, you need to know a little more about my daily habits. I love to sleep! I go to bed late and hit the snooze button multiple times until I really don’t have a choice to get up. There’s just something about the warmth of the bed covers and the cushiness of the bed upon rising that keeps on pulling you back in for just five more minutes.

While in the Dominican, I would rise with the birds. Once the birds started chirping, usually around 5am, it was a sign that the whole resort was waking up. Mostly the staff, but some vacation goers we also early risers. I would lay in bed for ten minutes upon waking and just listen to the birds. Then, I would walk to the beach to catch the sunrise. I would feel the sand, still cold from the night, cool my feet as the weight of my body sinks into the sand, making it flow between my toes. Looking at the horizon, I can see the sun’s rays starting to pierce through the clouds and the onset of a bright red glow that hints at a hot day ahead. I could feel the fresh ocean breeze brush against my body making the clothes flutter on my skin. I can hear the rush of powerful waves as they crash onto the beach and the palatable saltiness of the air with every single inhalation. This beautiful feeling I get on those vacation mornings is a pure state of bliss.

 Can you feel it?

Sunrise in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Sept. 2015

Post inspired by The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience.